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Time for your Letter Jacket?

Posted by AVHS Athletic Booster Club at May 24, 2018 11:32AM PDT

Congratulations to all of our Athletes who have recently earned their Varsity Letter. As a reminder, Amador Valley Letter Jackets can earn money for AV Athletics. JacketBack Embroidery will donate $25 back to AV Athletics for every letter jacket purchased.

You can visit for ordering and decoration information.
Location: 2456 Armstrong St Livermore, CA 94551 925-961-9900


We are looking for volunteers who can take a leadership role in our upcoming Young Athletes Program in Danville this summer. If you are a minimum of 16 years old and have had some experience with the intellectually disabled, you can be a part of a team of leaders in the program! This is a chance to spend some time with 2-5 year olds and their families who are new to Special Olympics. Lead volunteers need to be available for training on June 29 (1.5 hrs.) and the program on July 7, 14, 21 and 28 (2.5 hrs each day). To explore, please click and toggle over to June 29.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ashley at We hope you can join us!


Final Amateurism Certification Reminder for Students
Students enrolling full time at an NCAA Division I or II college or university in Fall 2018 may request their final amateurism certification starting April 1. This is a requirement to compete their freshman year.

To request final amateurism, students should log in to their Certification Account at and:
Review their added sports and answers to Sports Questions.
Check their graduation and enrollment dates and update if necessary.
Review any open tasks and complete necessary information.
​Click here for assistance with the update process.
Remember, the enrollment date in your profile account should reflect the date you first plan to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II school.

The document ncaadoc.pdf was attached to this post.

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NSC Game WIN for Girls Soccer!

Posted by Soccer - Girls at Feb 15, 2018 8:59AM PST ( 0 Comments )

This cold Valentines Day night provided an exciting atmosphere to start off some NCS action with AVHS girls soccer versus Freedom.

From the start, the Dons accelerated toward Freedoms net; in fact, scoring in the first 5 minutes, surprising Freedoms keeper with the fast assault. The goal came from one of many touches surrounding their net, demonstrating the Dons eagerness to play and their scoring intentions. 1-0 Dons up.
Although the 1st half had moments where a Freedoms players became concerning to the Dons defense, AVHS produced another score and essentially held Freedom, to end at halftime 2-0 ; Dons.

Second half hosted surprise speed from Freedom going forward, occasionally demanding Amador defense to stick near and tight. Although those moments circuitously came, in the 36 minute, Amador places another ball in the net from a persistent and strong froward, making it 3-0 Dons. Yet, In the 29th minute, Freedom players came at AVHS, who fouled at the top of the box- a free kick was taken by Freedom and place perfectly just under the crossbar, just out of the reach of Amador keeper; 3-1. The Dons answer that 3 minutes later with some teamwork passing that beaconed a goal; they secured it …4-1.

Although Freedom had stepped up their aggression in this last half, defense did their job and Freedom couldn’t finalize their shots with scores. Freedom’s keeper did keep several of Amador’s pinpoint shots from the net, thwarting The Don’s from demonstrating their overall control In this game. Yet, at the whistle, it was all Amador Victory; 4-1.

After last weeks Feb. 1 frustrating loss to Granada High school soccer team 4-0 under a Livermore sky, team Amador came out to play tonight on their home turf; always a plus.

The stage was set for a match with Carondelet vs. Amador Valley High School Girls Soccer Teams; a beautiful February night, and a celebration for the outgoing seniors-something to seer in their minds forever. The night began with a ceremony to applaud hardworking and talented seniors Keara Greenan, Molly Murphy, Hanna Fleshman, Hannah Landel, Tori Sanchez, Sydney Devor, and Nicole Zhang. It was a march out for Amador Seniors with family, to flowers and balloons, and a kind gesture for CHS Seniors to receive flowers from AVHS underclassmen. AVHS stadium applauded all the players, and coaches sent them to the sideline with hugs and handshakes- ready for a game.

Right from the whistle, Amador players had CHS working on defense, and Carondelet had few opportunities to challenge our keeper. Defensively, Amador had steady and challenging tackles from our defensive line, stopping any balls and CHS challengers in our top defensive third. Offensively, Amador had opportunities and shots, and a single score to the Cougar net was overturned by the referee, as AVHS was in the offsides position.
Ultimately, Dons and Cougars could not convert any opportunities to points on the scoreboard that would stick. Half time game score was zeros.

2nd half would begin with more energy. At 32.11 time, an Amador defensive clearance would find it’s way to our midfield, who would serve to a speedy attacker, then the final slot to a teammate who was awaiting to shoot..past the CHS keeper. Amador is up 1-0. Amador keeps up the pressure, using the momentum of a score, and outplaying CHS at this moment-and would score another goal to bring 2-0 to the board. Tho at the 28th minute, Cougars get playing. Stellar defensive tackles by Amador thwart their attack however, and counter repeatedly, producing shots but over the bar, wide and not hitting the net. 5 minutes later, CHS gets thru our defense fully for the 1st time and our keeper makes a great save. More to come for Amador Don keeper, as CHS pushes until the 20.49 clock- AVHS was under pressure, fielding 4-5 shots.

The last 15 minutes allowed AVHS Seniors to demonstrate their teamwork with fast breaks and crosses past the Carondelet net, and shots on the CHS goal, with some diving saves by CHS keeper. But Cougars would step up at the 8.55 minute, when Amador defends a crossed ball by CHS; Amador keeper saves the initial shot, it heads to our defense and an awaiting Carondelet player, who takes the advantage and scores. 2-1 Cougars would continue this momentum and pressure Amador, who holds out thru the last 8 minutes for a WIN on Senior Night!

Tonight we got a gorgeous evening, an exciting 2nd half to end in A WIN, and great AVHS teamwork among the players- something every senior wants to remember.